North West Durham Methodist Circuit

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The Disciple Bible study course has transformed the lives of individuals and congregations in many parts of Great Britain and across the world. It has drawn people closer to God, deepened their discipleship and opens their eyes into the way that God is leading them.

The course moves through the biblical story from creation in Genesis to the New Jerusalem in Revelation. There are theme words and verses, key characters, events and topics which fix the sequence of the biblical story in the minds of the participants.

Disciple is studied in a group of up to ten, with two group leaders. It meets weekly over a year (with space for holidays etc.). Each group meeting begins with a time of devotion and a short DVD presentation, before questions and activities applying the Bible reading to the context of the participants' daily lives.
As part of Disciple everyone commits to a daily personal Bible study of 30-45 minutes, which is then picked up in the weekly meetings.
Everyone receives a manual, with the reading framework, covering 70% of the Bible and space for writing notes. Leaders have a facilitation manual, but are also group participants.

For more general information, including a series of introductory videos click here 

DISCIPLE COURSE 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 
We are coming to the end of 34 weeks of the Disciple course for this year. 29  of us from 6 churches in the circuit have met weekly in either a Monday or a Tuesday group and have travelled together reading the Bible from Genesis through to Revelation. Along the way we have continually asked ourselves, “What does this all mean to us today?” and “What does being a disciple of Jesus mean now in the 21st century in our context and in our circuit?

It has been hard work , lots of scripture to read very week and very challenging to our faith as together we have grappled with some hard scriptures. We have read approximately three quarters of the Bible. For me the most thrilling part is nobody has dropped out, we have all kept going and we have supported each other along the way. The sad bit now, is just as we are getting to know each other and support each other in prayer the course is coming to an end and we have to move on.

The good news is we are hoping to start two new groups in Oct 2018 , a day group and an evening group. If you are interested to find out more complete this contact form.