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Circuit day of prayer online

While we can't meet in person, we can still take time to pray wherever we are! Here you'll find the resources to make your own Day of Prayer: feel free to visit each 'station' all at once or over the course of several days. We'll aim to post new material each month so be sure to check back regularly!

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Welcome to our Circuit Day of Prayer.

Our Day of Prayer is made up of six prayer stations, each offering a different way of praying creatively.

The prayer stations are numbered, but feel free to visit them in which ever order you prefer.  You may however find it useful to start with Prayer Station 1: Pray the Daily Office, a guided session designed to help you pray.

You are invited to spend as much or as little time at each prayer station as you wish.

You can choose to visit them all in one, or to spread them out over time.  Whatever works best for you.

If you would like a printed version of these prayer stations, either for your own benefit, or for someone you know who would be interested in the activities but is unable to access them on-line, do please contact the Circuit Office, or print these out.


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray, where nature heals and gives strength to body and soul alike.” John Muir




Depending on what time of day it is, use the Morning, Midday, Evening or Compline prayers of the Northumbria Community.

Click the link below and select the prayers you wish to follow.



Godly Play is a Christian movement centred on childhood spirituality – providing training to transform thinking and practice for the whole of life.

For more information about Godly Play you can check out their website:

The following is a link to a Godly Play resource, entitled ‘Pentecost: Ideas and possibilities for wondering about Pentecost.

You are invited to follow the link and to spend some time reading/working through the first two pages.



24-7 Prayer ‘is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice; a non-stop prayer meeting that has continued for every minute of this century so far’.

For more information, this is the link to their website:

On the website there are lots of resources for prayer, including helping us pray for the world.


Think back over the news items that you have heard/read about over the last day or so.

Make a note of them.


Follow the link to a page of resources to help us pray for the world.


Scroll down and then select the link for:

5 simple ways to pray for the world.

Read through these 5 ways, holding in prayer the news items you noted down earlier.




The Methodist Church, on its website, has put together a special page entitled ‘ Spiritual sustenance when in isolation’ which offers signposts to resources to help nourish our spiritual life.


This is the link to the page:


Browse through the ‘Daily’ suggestions, and see what appeals to you. You may wish to visit them all, or why not try one you haven’t explored before.




A Methodist Way of Life is a way of living. It is how we try to live our lives in response to God’s love, made known to us in Jesus.

A Methodist Way of Life provides a set of commitments and practices that encourage and equip people to better live a Christian life.

Like the early Christians (Acts 2.42-47), we seek to express what it means to follow Jesus in the regular, practical actions of worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism.

In this sense, A Methodist Way of Life is both new and old. It is new, in that Methodists first discussed such a way at the 2018 Conference, although it is based on Our Calling, agreed in 2000. That, in turn, was built on what Methodists have always done, since the days of John Wesley, in trying to follow Jesus and live out the Christian faith – just as those first followers in Acts did.

The commitments of A Methodist Way of Life remind us of, and provide a compass for, Christian living.

The following is a link to a ‘Commitment Card’ listing the set of commitments, and also a series of questions enabling us to reflect on these commitments.

[See also the script of the commitment card copied below]

You are invited to:

follow the link and browse through the list of commitments;

pick one of them, from any of the four sections;

look through the questions, picking the one most relevant for you;

reflect prayerfully on that question;

think of who you might share your thoughts with, when you get the opportunity. Someone who would be happy to share with you their own answer to your chosen question, so that you might encourage each other.



Script of the A Methodist Way of Life Commitment Card

Side A

A Methodist Way of Life

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

As far as we are able, with God’s help:


We will pray daily.

We will worship with others regularly.

We will look and listen for God in Scripture, and the world.

Learning and Caring

We will care for ourselves and those around us.

We will learn more about our faith.

We will practise hospitality and generosity.


We will help people in our communities and beyond.

We will care for creation and all God’s gifts.

We will challenge injustice.


We will speak of the love of God.

We will live in a way that draws others to Jesus.

We will share our faith with others.

May we be a blessing within and beyond God’s Church, for the transformation of the world.


Script of the A Methodist Way of Life Commitment Card

Side B

A Methodist Way of Life

A Methodist Way of Life encourages us to grow together. Make time to discuss these questions regularly with others.


What is the pattern of your prayer life?

How easy or hard do you find it to pray?

What has spoken to you recently in worship or in the Bible?

When, lately, have you felt close to God or distant from God?

Learning and Caring

How have you practised generosity since we last met?

How have you shown hospitality to others recently?

How are you caring for yourself?

How and what are you learning now?


How are you seeking to serve others in your communities and beyond?

What has helped or hindered you in your service of others?

How are you caring for God’s creation?

How are you using God’s gifts (including your financial resources)?

What issues of injustice are you currently concerned about? What are you doing in response?


When was the last time you were able to talk about God?

What opportunities to share your faith have there been since we last met?

How have you responded to opportunities to share your faith?

Is there anyone you might invite to consider Christian faith?

How can we support each other in our Way of Life commitments?

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In the NOOMA film Noise, Rob Bell illustrates the importance of finding some peace and quiet in order to hear God. Why is silence so hard to deal with? We’re constantly surrounded with the noise of movies, music, technology, cell phones, and a never-ending barrage of advertisements. If we think that God’s not talking to us, perhaps it’s just that we can’t hear him.

The film lasts for 10 minutes 23 seconds. 




This is a link to a song of prayer and worship from the Leadership Conference 2021 at Holy Trinity Brompton, home of Alpha.

Worship leaders from across continents and across come together to sing this song.




for being part of our Circuit Day of Prayer.

I hope that these prayer stations have been helpful and enabled you to pray.

If you would like to take part in the planning or the production of one of our online Days of Prayer, do please get in touch. Your contributions would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to sharing with you next time, on Thursday 24 June 2021.

God bless