North West Durham Methodist Circuit

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Good News Choir

The Good News Choir are performing the Good News Musical On November 25th at 2.30pm in Consett Methodist Church. 

It was the first performance of this music which gave the choir its name! 
The words are entirely from the Bible and the music is evocative and memorable. If you would like to join the choir for this performance you would be very welcome…even if you don’t know it already!

There are 8 rehearsals which are every Thursday evening….beginning on Thursday Oct 11th  in the church at 7pm. All are welcome to enjoy making music with God’s Word.  The choir has no auditions and no restriction on church membership. Thanks to everyone who supports us in prayer and attending events.   

I am always amazed (and I know I shouldn’t be!) at the wonderful outcomes from every event where the Good News Choir performs. We have no bank account and so each love donation is immediately passed on to the relevant charity with no promise that the amount will be huge…but it always is!!!

I am so grateful to all who take part in singing, speaking and playing in the band as the atmosphere in rehearsals alone is so wonderful.

many thanks Joyce Shaw.